PS2 Emulation On Playstion 4

PS2 TO PS4 2

Here is some hands on with PS2 Emulation on Playstation 4. Thanks to Digitalfoundry, we can see how some PS2 titles play on the PS4.

Do You Know Star Wars: Battlefront

Do you know SWB

Trying to take down a tie fighter with one shot from your blaster pistol sounds impossible right? Think again. Here are some tips from jackfrags on how you can better your game on Star Wars: Battlefront.

Virtual Reality You Can Feel


A team of researchers in Germany are solving the last piece in virtual reality, virtual reality you can feel. The resurgence of VR products have surged in the last few years and new technology has advanced the genre not only in price but in the technology itself. 

New Star Wars Battlefront Beta Gameplay


A look into the new Star Wars Battlefront beta gameplay! The third major release in the Star Wars: Battlefront series will be released November 17th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.  

Project X-Ray Announced By Microsoft Reveals Wearable Holograms For Hololens


At the October 2015 Microsoft event, Microsoft revealed Project X-Ray which offers wearable holograms.

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